standpipe question

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I had a 72 bow that was drilled and did not have an overflow box. I used something similar to Durso standpipes on the outside of the tank as part of the drain that ran to the sump.
It can also be used straight in a drilled aquarium, but it won't surface skim without an overflow box.
sweet are there any tricks to running the durso intakes that the durso website doesnt mention. i still dont understang how it will let water fall but if it does it without all the noise then the more power to it.
thats how im going to do it and ill get some surface agitation with the return and a few powerheads. not as worried about it since its gonna be in fresh water.
I actually was told by Durso to use the Stockman modification that you can find at the Durso website for hand-on overflows, rather than the Durso standpipe. I used the Stockmans on mine and they really worked perfectly.
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