Starfish got partially eaten.

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Jun 16, 2016
I have two starfish, a chocolate chip starfish and a sand sifting starfish. Chip moves way faster than my Sand and I noticed him on top of her. When I moved him from her, I noticed that she was being eaten alive! The damage is done but is there a chance for her to survive? She still moves around.


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For starfish their survival rate is low anyway. Hopefully yours will make it but the odds are not good.
These starfish are scavengers. For the one to consume the other, then it was dying and the chocolate chip sensed a free meal.
Most of the time sand sifting starfish starve to death in out closed systems due to not being enough food in the sandbed for them to eat.
Thanks for the info melosu58 and Sniperhank. I was thinking the same about the sand sifter. If she doesn't make it, I'll let the chip have at her. Cruel, but might as well benefit the other. As for the chip, right now he's munching on a chunk of shrimp.
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