starting a 20g FOWLR

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Jan 7, 2007
Hi I'm new to saltwater and gone use a 20g as a FOWLR this is mainly to learn all about waterparameters and al the other things a need to learn
I'm thinking of cycling the tank with uncured LR and use invertabers after 4 or 5 weeks maybe 1 or 2 nano fisch but like I said this is mainly to learn I have a question a skimmer is this what I'm looking for Or this
Please give me some advice I'm really a noob concerning skimmers

Thanks Kaboke
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Either would be fine for a 20 gal IMO. The CSS is HUGE so you may not want that big of a skimmer hanging off your tank (or the large pump in the tank). I assume you're looking for a HOB model and have no plans for a sump.

If planing on a larger tank in the future I'd get a Aqua C Remora pro so you don't have to spend money again on a larger skimmer.
That's fine for medium light corals but still not enough light for some higher light corals. Be careful in selection i.e. make sure if it does require high light you can place it up high and doesn't have to be on the sand.
ok last question powerheads I was looking at maxi-jet powerhead/pump 1200 _ 295 gph
To strong for 20g or good

sorry for all question

I'd get two Maxi-Jet 900 (230 gph each) placed on each end of the tank towards each other for a 20 gal tank. That will give you good flow without overwhelming the tank. Or you could get fancy and do a closed loop.
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