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Mar 26, 2012
I am going to start a SW tank. I am in the process of setting it up. It is a 135g. It is going to be below this fw tank in the wall.




Here is what the 135g looks like..


There is going to be a 55g sump/refuguim below the new tank. These tanks are not on my main floor they are in my basement. I built my own custom sump with some old acrylic I had laying around. Here is my build video.

Now what can I stock in this tank. I want to do live rock. The fish I would like to have are cowfish,yellow tang, puffer, dwarf lion, clownfish. Are these compatible. I have a big tank so space is not an issue. Let me know what you all think. Ty.


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The issues I see in your stock list so far is the box fish. They are very cool but when stressed release toxins into the water and can kill everything else in there. The other issue is the clowns, the may become a snack for the larger fish.
How many fish can be kept in my tank with the setup that I am going to do. ?? And as far as the cowfish releasing toxins. A lot of ppl has said that since they are so small and if they do it would not effect a tank of that size. Now if the cowfish was 10-12" then it could do some harm.
I agree with the cow fish issue. Cool fish, but with those tankmates, it could easily stress and release toxins. They get big...up to a foot and a half and suggested tank sizes of 124-over200g. I think that the others should be fine. Not sure if the clowns would be a snack as suggested. The dwarf lion fish is the only one I see as potentially doing that. Probably depends what Clowns you go with.
What clowns would you suggest. Amphiprion Leucokranos clownfish is what my son would love. As far as the Lion. I don't have to do it but I just thought it would look nice in the tank. I know that the puffers will eat the corals so I will not be doing that. I want the tank to look natural like it was right out of the ocean.
Those clowns are lovely and super expensive! So if you can do without the lion that might save you some cash :) other wise maroons are a larger clown. tank sizes work differently from fresh water, on paper you have a big tank but that doesn't mean you can put 10 fish in it. Check out the salt water section of for compatibility and recommended tank sizes and remember an under stocked tank is your friend!
Agreed. Those only get in the 3" ballpark and I'd suggest something that can get closer to 5-6". It would stink to have $700 worth of clowns end up a snack for the lion or for them to die from toxins from the cow fish.

As for me, even fish-only tanks look natural. If you are going to add a bunch of corals and go reef, then that will limit your options.
Mabe I will just go with the Amphiprion Ocellaris. It's the most common one. I will introduce the codfish first then the clown then the puffer. I don't think that I will do a lion after some reading. Let me know what else you guys think.
Still think the cowfish is not so good an idea. They are truely awesome fish but they are huge, recommended tank size is double what your have! Big fish in a too small tank = stress :( I have been in the hobby for only a year and would not consider this expert level fish. How about a tang? Or fox face? There are plenty of great fish you could house comfortably in your 125...
Now many medium size fish do you think I can do? I would like to do some tangs. The fox is a really nice looking fish.
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