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Jan 16, 2024
So, I own this 232 l (208 filled with water), blackwater planted tank. It has a gravel bottom that is too coarse for corys and many loaches. The temperature is 24 and PH 6.8. The tank is heavily planted, with a open section where the feedings can be well observed for wellness checks.

The current stocking follows a primarily South American theme, and is as follows:11 marbled hatchetfish, 14 cardinal tetras, and 1 common bristlenose catfish.

I was thinking about increasing the number of species in the tank, possibly with some cherry shrimp and/or dusky nerite snails, both Asian but cool. I have seen people saying that marbled hatchets may possibly consume young or molting shrimp, but I hope the cover would be sufficient to hide them.

As a final question: Is there maybe some species of South American fish that could be introduced to the tank, preferrably bottom to middle dwelling, that wouldn't need the softer substrate?
Sticking with the S. American theme, how about other Tetras like the Rathbun's Bloodfin ( a.k.a. Green Fire Tetra), Green neons or Glo-lite tetras. These fish tend to "glow" when in black water with some lighting ( as your cardinals should be doing). There are also Gold Tetras and Rummynose Tetras. These are all smaller and less aggressive species that usually mix well with Cardinals and will stay mid level to bottom level.
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