stringy white feces back in dwarf gourami - what now?

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Aug 17, 2009
SW Ohio
First noticed that my flame dwarf gourami was trailing stringy white feces a few weeks ago (original post here). Put him in the 10gal QT, gave 4 treatments of Kanaplex (I know, only supposed to use 3) and returned him to his home tank this past Tuesday. The times I'd cleaned out the QT I'd noticed an abundance of what I took to be healthy poo so I thought the little guy was doing better. Also, after I started dosing with the Kanaplex he stopped hiding when I opened the lid and actually came up to the surface to beg for food.

However, the last few days I've noticed more of the stringy white poo and I'm not sure what to do. Should I try returning him to the QT and treating again with the Kanaplex, try another medication, or wait this out and see what symptoms come next?

How are the rest of the fish doing?
I noticed the powder blue gourami also had stringy white poo once or twice several weeks ago, but no more after that. Thankfully haven't noticed any problems with any of the other fish either - all seem to be eating, swimming, & defecating as normal. So far the feces is the only sign of abnormality with the flame dg, no changes in swimming, eating, or behavior.

Do you think he's stressed in the normal tank?
Don't know - he and the powder blue have several tiffs every day (fighting with feelers, fin-smacking each other, etc) but it doesn't look too bad or as though the Cheech gets the worst of it. I think I have plenty of places for the little guy to hide if he needs to, much less than what he had in the quarantine tank. Would stress from pestering cause this?
My gourami's have stringy white poop now and then but has never resulted in any other problems. I give peas once a week and everything in the tank loves it.
So. . . what should I do next? I guess the 2 options are:

1. Move him back into the QT for a week or so, no medication unless another symptom develops, and see if poo returns to normal. If it does, find him another home :-(

2. Try offering peas a few times over several weeks and see if that takes care of it. Never had much luck offering peas but then I've only tried it when the fish was already sick and barely eating. Also kind of feel like a hypocrite since I won't eat them myself ;)

Thoughts on these options or any other ideas?

Ha ha I would not have peas in my house were it not for the fish. I just buy the smallest amounts I can pop them out there shell cut the left over up to bite size parts and drop one in at a time when they eat I add more. Try the peas if you want but as I said mine gives stringy poop every now and then but eats fine and I give peas as a treat as they love it (NOTE THEY DID NOT AT FIRST BUT NOW THEY DO) YouTube - Aquarium Apple snails VS canned peas
check it out apple snails and molly fighting over peas
I always buy the frozen peas, and I boil them in the microwave. Pop the middle out, and "sprinkle" in.
I would put him in the QT, and feed peas.
Try the peas if you want but as I said mine gives stringy poop every now and then but eats fine and I give peas as a treat as they love it (NOTE THEY DID NOT AT FIRST BUT NOW THEY DO)

Has yours always had the stringy poop or did it just start suddenly? I've had this little guy for over a year and this just started in the last month or so, which is why I think it's either illness or as dkpate suggested, stress. Maybe I'll try the peas and just let this go, but watch for any changes in color / behavior / swimming / eating.

Hopefully there will be no need for updates on my end ;)
I must say I only see the poop every now and then as I cant check on them all the time but have noticed stringy poop quite a bit over the months and I too added a medication to help with constipation but never noticed a difference now I give peas once a weak. My fish are spoiled I have 6 different kinds of food that I use to vary their diet if I notice they not eating I give the one they love most. I feed twice once morning and once evening and they have a diet day.
Is your fish happy?
Is it eating?
Is it social?
Besides the stringy poop did anything else change?
If all is fine I would not worry but pay a bit more attention to make sure nothing else happens.
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