Striped Dottyback - Eat peppermint shrimp?

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Dec 28, 2003
Portland, OR
Well, I just got a striped dottyback and 50 blue-legged hermits (from the same LFS I might add)... Didn't really know anything about them actually, which I must admit was a pretty stupid impulse buy on my part. However, I got him home and the INSTANT a hermit came out of its shell, it was dinner.... SO... I'm getting 2 peppermint shrimp on tuesday and I'm wondering if he'll kill/eat them. If so, I need to start finding him a new home.

I want to know if anybody has had any experiences with these dottybacks.

Let me know, Thanks!
I think it would be easier for the dotty to kill the peppermint shrimps than the hermits so...I'd say one or the other...see if you could return it for store credit....
Do you think an LFS other than the one that I got it from would give me store credit?

It has been my experience that most of the LFS's will take trades on livestock in return for store credit. Of course, this assumes that the livestock is healthy and looks normal. Its worth a try anyway...
No kill shelter

Okay, another question - Whats the best way to transport a fish via car for about an hour? Thats about how far I am from their place... Obviously I got him in a bag... but, I'd like to be better than that. :)

Also, what would be a GOOD choice for my next invertebrate friendly inhabitant. A list of good choices would be nice.

Currently, here's what I have:
2 False Percula Clowns
1 Striped dottyback (not for long)
1 Black Velvet Damsel (Not for long)
1 Scooter Blenny
50 blue-legged hermits

Let me know, thanks

I have had a purple dottyback in my tank with 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 coral banded shrimp for 5 months now with no problems.

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