Suddenly Fish tank poor!!! LOL

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Aug 18, 2005
Van Buren AR
Well I have recently gained interest in SW tanks.
I was given a 55g by a friend which started me into this addicting hobby. It was all going good and patiently waiting on it to cycle when things start getting interesting.

I made a few round at the LFS and checked out the supply of products available. while hanging out at the local Petco a guy reminded me of a LFS I had forgotten about. So like a newly addicted person I took off. Well as luck had it I ended up buying an established 3.5 gallon sw tank with about 20 lbs of LR for 20.00. Heck of a deal I know. I get it home and set back up. it has a few probs I am getting under control thanks to this site.

Yesterday I am out spending time with the wife and my Step-mom calls. She has found a lot of my late Grandmothers aquarium equipment and said Grandpa wanted me to have it since I was the only one he knew who had fish. well long story short I picked it up thinking a few small tanks, pumps, old decor etc... , and when I got there it was 1 tank I assume is 55g mae of 3/8 glass, 1 approx 30gall tank, 1 10 gallon, and 1 2.5 gallon tank. The 2.5 is the coolest b/c its completely trimmed in Chrome. i also aquired all the old lighting, pumps, filers gravel, etc.... that had accumulated in them . they have probably been put up over 15 years. I am going to start cleaning them up today and filling them up to leak check.

I am just happy about getting these pieces since they belonged to my Grandma I just wanted to share.
well a little update.

Chrome rimmed tank has a slate bottom and leaks like a bucket with a hole in it.

The 10 gallon also leaks b/c the glass is broke down on the bottom edge.

The 29 gallon tank holds water, but the platic edge is dry rotted and cracking. My froend who work sstainless says he can replace all the trim plus make me the top that holds the glass and light. So he took it and is referbing it to use in his living room.

The 3/8 glass 55 gallon is sitting on my pation filled to the rim and is holding just fine and has faired well compared to all the others. It is clean and presentable with no flaws. I believe i am gonna set it up as a SW tank in my parents house since they want one and I really have no room for it at this time.

Thanks for the replies also.
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