sulf sustaining copepod culture

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Jan 3, 2024
I am wondering if it is possible to start a copepod culture that is self sustaining. I was thinking maybe there could be two separate tanks with one above the other. The bottom one would have copepods or daphnia or some phytoplankton eater like that and the top one would be where all the phytoplankton would grow. I was thinking that we could make it so the top roof is slanted so all of the evaporation drips into the top tank, making it over flow and drip into the bottom tank with the copepods. Maybe im making it to complicated so i need some advice. Also im wondering if fish will eat copepods that stay on the substrate, will they even be able to see them?
I doubt you'd get enough food into the bottom tank from just evaporation drips. You would need to make an actual feeding.
To keep a self sustaining colony of anything, you need to keep in mind that there will always be natural die off as the colony matures so the best way I know to keep it sustained is to periodically seed a new tank from the existing tank. I know that's how they do phytoplankton cultures. (y)
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