Sump or hamg on the back?

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Feb 8, 2011
Ok so I am just getting started with a new 60gal salt water aquarium i plan on having 60 lbs of live sand and 80lbs of live rock... My question is what type of filtration system is better for me? I do plan on having a protein skimmer. I would like to know what is cheaper in the long run? What does a better job.. And overall quality . All help and opinion is well appreciated
IMO... a sump. It increases your water volume, hides your equipment, and allows for more flexibility.
I 4got to add I don't have room under my tank for a sump but I do have a stand next to my tank that I can place a sump on
Would the sump still be hidden if on the other stand? I would say a sump just for the fact there's much more flexibility just has HN1 said.
Could always build another stand that can hide your sump and put your tank right on top of it.
Surely a 60G stand can hide a 20-30G sump... no?
placing a sump beside the display does not defeat it's purpose.
a sump is better than HOB components for a few reasons:
1. it increases the total water volume
2. it allows you to be able to buy a better quality skimmer
3. it makes the display look better because you can put your heaters and stuff in it, and not in the display.
4. you can drain the sump for your water change and not have to stress the fish
5. if you need to add a supplement, you can do so safely, instead of pouring it right in the display and possibly stressing a fish or coral

it might be more expensive in the beginning, but the extra money is small compared to the benefit.
Sump by far is much more versitile. but that does depend what type of sump. Good luck and happy reefing

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