sump tank + vho lighting

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Feb 25, 2008
southern orange county, ca
i hope i'm in the right area...

first question #1 is a sump tank necassary? i'm very new to saltwater aquariums... well any aquarium for that matter... basicallyi have a 50 gallon tank and want to make sure its set up properly.. if i have a 50 gallon tank how big should my sump tank be or does it matter??

second question #2 after reviewing the prices on lighting and almost having a heart attack =P but i know i need the lighting... so i'm going to be looking into retrofitting my own fixture. what wattage and kinds of light bulbs would i need in order to keep anemones alive in the near future...

please be nice =P i'm sensitive jk

thanks for all the help.
#1 A sump would be a good idea because of the added water volume. A refugium would be better. It would help with nutrient export. Read these.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sumps, Part I by Greg Taylor -
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sumps, Part II by Greg Taylor -
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sumps, Part III by Greg Taylor -

#2 For anenomes you would really do better with a high intensity light like a MH. Keep in mind though that anenomes need a mature tank of 6-9 months. It really needs to be stable. That where a sump would be beneficial as the larger the water volume the more stable it will be and more forgiving of problems and mistakes.

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thanks so much i had thought about adding a sump now that i know what it kinda does... my tank is fairly new about 6 weeks now and i wasnt planning on putting any anemones in for a while based on what you guys had recommended already. so i figured it would give me some time to get a sump set up and stablized and then save up money for the proper lighting such as MH.. thanks a ton for the info.
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