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Sep 8, 2017
Hey guys,

Hoping someone, anyone can help me. So I have a 50 gallon tank with a red eared slider whose 7in by 8 in. I purchased the wrong tank (should have went with depth instead of height) and it's too late now. The filter is up and running and I am having no issues with it as far as that goes. My issue is because of the input and output pipes and stuff, I have to fill the tank pretty much to the top in order for it to be at the level where the water will filter. We bought a topper so he can swim up and dry out but he's soooo not into it at all. I want to fill the tank only halfway (maybe even a little less) so I can put these rocks I bought on the bottom so he can sit there and dry off. My question is (after all that lol): is there any way to bring those input and output pipes down so that I can fill it just halfway? I have an extra set each of the input and output pipes but not any tubing (I mean I could order some). Does anyone know what I'm talking about lol and is this possible?? And clearly I need the answers for dummies version so bare with me. Any help is extremely extremely appreciated.

Should be possible depending on height between tank and filter (ie how high the filter has to push/pull water). I'd certainly give it a go. My aquaone's have to push/pull water about 6ft (full tank though).
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