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Mar 1, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
I just picked up your typical run of the mill surge protector power strip at the store. Ok... maybe it was a little cheaper than typical :).
Anyway, I was reading the box out of bordom and it warned to keep away from water and not use with any aquarium equipment. This sounded to me like one of those mandatory warnings like "don't put plastic bag over head". Does anyone feel there is any stock in spending lots of money on some sort of specifically aquarium ready power strip?
I went to home depot and bought a belkin steel surge protector. I have 3 of them throughout the house. They are outdoor rated. Im sure they wont do well underwater haha but. I have mine inside my stand. I uhh that might change. but they are nice and well worth the money. There is a 50,000 dollar guarantee on them.
You're right... it's just stock lawyer-speak on those strips. But agree with WhiteDevil... it's better to invest in a GFCI strip if you don't have one on the wall outlet to start with.
as long as you mount it on the wall or something, not just sitting on the floor i think it should be ok
in case of a disaster, god forbid, let say your aquarium was leaking and the water on the floor seeps through the unit, but then nobody would just lay something like that to a 10-55 gallons of water or even more
Pretty much make sure you got drip loops on all your cords and you should be fine. If not get some HD velcro and velcro it to the stand.
I am going to switch out the outlet later today for a GFCI outlet. Should have put GFCI's in all the new outlets in my basement but cut a corner now I gotta do the work a 2nd time, GO ME LOL.

Any time you have an aquairum a GFCI outlet is ideal. Its actually cheaper then a strip and its safer and in most municiplatiies its code.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

Its a circuit breaker outlet used in wet conditions and atmospheres.
Ok, thanks. Well, one more trip to the hardware store won't kill me I suppose. I'll just buy some stickum velcro and put a GFCI on the wall. Just please tell me they aren't more than 50 bucks! haha
under 10 bucks for sure.
you might be able to get a 10 pack of them for around 20 -25 bucks depending on where you live and how much things cost.
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