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Aug 9, 2009
Ronkonkoma, NY
I see there's been some talk on here about lighting. I guess this post could go into the nano forums as well but I figure there's a bigger population of reef people reading these posts.

I have a 29 gallon bio cube. Look at my profile if you want to see my tank. I would really like to get stronger lighting on my tank to be able to have LPS and maybe even SPS coral in my tank.

How is the T5 lighting? What do you guys use?

Thanks everyone! :cool:
I have seen 29g tanks with all kinds of lights over them. Everything from a single 250w MH to standard florescent tubes. T5s will give you the look and the light you will need to have LPS and maybe some SPS if kept high in the tank.

I used TEK T5 retro kits on my 120g system (only as actinic supplement to my MHs) and was very happy with them. The bulbs last a good year with little spectrum shift (provided you buy good bulbs), they don't get as hot as some types of bulbs and are pretty energy efficient. Overall with the correct combination of bulbs you should do well with them on that tank.
you could keep anything you want under t-5s, and at any height in the tank, providing you choose ample lighting for your tank
. if you don't mind the lack of the mh "shimmer" then i say go for it.they are far more efficient than halides.
you are going to have to use 24" lamps, so if you are thinking of a retro kit, then i would stagger the lamps to take up the extra 3" on either side.
LED retro's are also getting very popular. Much smaller energy usage and if you are willing to pay a little more for dimming power supplies, you can completely customize the white and blue balance of your tank without buying like a dozen extra bulbs.
You'll find different opinions, but if you get nice LED's they are just as good or maybe better then the T5's, plus no replacements needed for like..15 years. :D
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