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May 3, 2009
We set up a 55 for Tanginyika fish this week. Ok the wife set it up, but I did provide moral support. lol We've been talking about doing it for awhile and fortunately had everything for the set up sitting in the garage including a bunch of dead rock. We've talked a lot about what we want to stock, came up with a plan, and started searching the local club sites. We found a breeder about an hour away that offered N. Pulcher "Daffodil" adults and fry. We picked them up this afternoon. A proven pair and 13 fry of various ages for $35. :) While we were there admiring his set ups, we couldn't pass up the J. Ornatus and came home with 6 of them for an additional $25. He also threw in a bunch of plants (Salvini, Frogbit, Water Sprite, Riccia, etc.) for no charge! Here are a couple teaser pics, we'll get some better ones and a FTS tomorrow.


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Tangas were my fav. for the longest time. Looking good.
Congrats. I have a 55 gal tang tank. Looking forward to the FTS tomorrow.

Awesome! :)

What do you have in yours? This is my first African tank. :) We're thinking these guys, some shellies (I love the Hecquis, but they are soooo expensive), and possibly some smaller Cyps, but I really don't know how to stock it yet.
i cant wait to see some more pictures :) You guys have some of the nicest looking tanks, cant wait to see how this one turns out... btw, what are the name of the ones that look like auratus? Those are so cool looking
Here's a FTS from before we picked the fish up. The tank is 55 gallons, substrate is aragonite sand and cichlid gravel mixed together. We used an Ebo Jager 250W heater, and filtration is a Rena XP2 and Aquaclear 50. Lighting is a 65W PC strip with 50/50 bulb. The best part is, the entire setup cost nothing other than the fish- it was all stuff we had sitting around, lol. Our rock is Fiji live rock that I got for free and cured a couple years ago that later dried out and became base rock. We gave it a good rinse with the garden hose to get the salt off and it's been soaking with daily 100% water changes all week. We got the fish in this evening and seeded with plenty of bio media from our 120 gallon. Anyway, there's the background info on our Tang tank. :p


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