Tank cover for jumping fish

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Nov 24, 2008
Gainesville, FL
Well, pretty much as the title says, I'm trying to find out what is used to cover the top of a tank to help keep fish from jumping. I really don't want to use plexy or glass because I don't want to heat up the water any more than is already going on. Is there a screen covering that won't go bad or block too much light? I have 6 T5HO lights and a couple coral so don't want to block out too much light.

I'm having a problem with fish jumping and also fish getting into the overflow. Was hoping for a solution that may fix both problems.

Not sure about the screen but I have a plastic screen that came with my overflow that slides right into the intake of it. I had a shrimp get by before I decided to install it. Its just a piece of plastic screening thats bent in half and inserted into the opening.
I was told that eggcrate would block a good amount of light. I do have some and I may try sliding it under the light and see how it does anyway but my little test piece did seem to cut out the light.
Get a eggcrate from Lowe's or Home Depot. I used it before works great :)
I wouldn't think so if the lights are over the entire tank. If you only have like a 2 bulb fixture that is infront of the tank, I can see how it will cut the light.
I use an egg grate but by the use of a pair of diagonal pliers ., I've snipped away the interior of the crate leaving a 3" -4" border around the edges to prevent jumpers but the whole interior of the tank is open.., works great
I do like the egg crate with the middle cut out. Do most jumping fish go out along the edge then? Is that why having the middle cut out works?

I've heard about netting as well, just don't know what kind.
Smitty said:
I do like the egg crate with the middle cut out. Do most jumping fish go out along the edge then? Is that why having the middle cut out works?

I've heard about netting as well, just don't know what kind.

Works for me,...you can also use the sections you've cut out to build a upright fence along the openings you've already cut out using zip ties to secure them in place,..( but I don't think that it's needed). ... I think most jumpers would probably use the corners as their vaulting out point......you can also use the cut out crate and then drape some plastic mesh fabric over the crate ( securing it in the rear using zip ties also) and then you can merely lay the mesh over the crate from the rear to the front,..probably best of both worlds....but for me,..the cut out crate works well.
I do like that netting. Wonder if something like that is available locally.

Since I did have some egg crate left over I did add some of that to the top. I also have some gutter guard - it is like that netting but it is hard plastic - and I added some of that around the overflow to raise the height of it and to help keep anything out. I don't think it would make a good cover though.
Thanks for the offer, I may take you up on it but want to see how it goes with the egg crate for now. It doesn't block the light as much as I thought it was going to do.
Lowe's and home depot should carry the screen you need. it is an exterior grade uv screen that has .325" openings I believe. I know at the Lowe's here it is over by the screen material and in the gardening section by the fencing materials. I believe it is around $11 for like 20 feet.
Thanks for the link. That clear mesh is exactly what I was looking for. Light meter readings show I loose a significant amount of light with egg crate material. If I could find clear egg crate, that would be better, but the white is no good. Why spend this much on intense lighting to just cancel out half of it? This clear netting looks perfect.
So yesterday I got the netting in from bulk reef supply. Looks like it will work really well for me. I went to the hardware store and picked up some window frame material and will work on making these tops either tonight or tomorrow. I'll get up some pictures when I'm done.

I'm also in the process of finishing my hood. I have it all built, just need to get it painted/stained. Everything at once!
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