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Mar 18, 2008
St. Louis
Looking to buy our first tank and we need a little help on finding a good deal. What are reasonable prices for tank/stand combos?
It really depends on what size tank and what it will be salt or fresh . :)
Looking to get a freshwater tank, most likely a 29-gallon. But depending on the cost of some larger tanks, maybe something closer to a 50?
I got two of my tanks used on craigslist.com I got my 30 gallon with filter, hood, light, heater, air pump, stand, gravel, lots of plants and various other accessories for $50. I thought it was a great deal.
I honestly can't remember what I paid for my 29 gallon setup. I would look at several local pet shops as well as the chains before I made my decision. For example, I buy all my tanks at one shop about 50 miles from my house because they have deals that you can't beat anywhere else in the area.

$1.00 per gallon is a good general rule of thumb when it comes to used tanks on something like Craigslist. Be picky and wary about used though.
I agree with Courtney 8526. I am pretty new here and have just been reading alot, but I have been searching Craigslist for the past 2 weeks and just purchased a great system dirt cheap. I would check there or other classifieds in your area. There is always plenty out there because of moves,etc. Good luck!
tanks at store fronts can be pricy, where i work, it's like...8.99 for a ten gallon...30 sumthing for a 20 gallon and so on
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