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Oct 2, 2005
Just thought I would get some thoughts on this.

In early April I will be getting activated to Iraq. I have no wife, kids or roommate. Just my fish.
I would drain the tank and give the fish back to LFS, but I do not want to re-cycle the tank. It just got settled down. Mom and Dad do not know squat about fish and they are not the type of people who will research to find out what they need to know. I have a good friend in North Carolina that would probably do it, I am planning to visit NC, but I am not sure if I want to lug the tank all that way or not.
I might consider farming the tank out to a well recommended stranger, but in the real world I think this would be risky.

Anybody have any thought about this?

Should I just strip it down so nobody will have to worry about it?

I know it wouldnt be too big of a deal to move it to NC when I go, but is it worth it?


depending on how long you will be in Iraq, i would just say strip it down... rather then having your parents "who know nothing about the tank" try to care for it, or having to move it from Kansas to North Carolina "which would be a pain" it would be just as easy to break it down and start over once you are back.

just my thought.
Hmm... Interesting predicament. Well whatever you do, good luck. I'm just now setting up my first saltwater tank. Maybe you could talk to some LFS or something and ask them if they could have it setup lol Doubt that would work, oh well.. good luck.
LOL well I would stay home,,,, but even if I did that I dont think there are too many fish in the military prison system. . . So I guess I will just go.

It looks like it is going to be a 18 month deployment.

I figure if I can get the tank pretty stable they might not have to do too much,,,,, thoughts?
Not sure about where you are, but here there are a lot of aquarium service businesses that do regular maintenance. If you can locate one, maybe your parents can let them in your place when they do the service, and then lock up behind them.
Oh, as far as regular feedings, I am sure you could give your parents a quick lesson in what to feed the tank. I had my father do it a while back, everything was fine. Just stress to them that less is better than nore, so the tank wont get polluted with excess food.
are you in an appartment, appt complex or your own home?

if your in an appt complex, you could probably work something out with a neighbor to feed your fish and perhaps let a LFS maintenance guy into your appt once a week while your out... probably going to be kind costly but...

best of luck
I think you're best off, unless you have rare and usual fish, to break it down and start back up when you get back. Unfortunately 18m quickly turns into 2 years, etc. Not to mention that LOTS can go wrong. Having responsibility for the tank long term like that would be difficult. It needs feeding, water changes, watching over the lights and the pumps, etc. Enough can go wrong with it while you're at work during the day (power outages, etc) or while you're on vacation (temperature spikes, death of a fish, etc), but to be gone for any longer than a month with really nobody to watch it is just asking for trouble. I'd break it down, personally.
First, thanks. My kid wants to join the marines, it scares the hell out of me, but I'm proud as hell of him. Second, for that long I'd probably take the tank down, unless you had someone who had experiance with reefs. I'd be easy to take care of as long as things are 'well', but when something gets out of whack, your tanks gone.
I would take the tank down or give it to your parents and give them this web address. Maybe we could get a sticky just for your parents. :lol: Take care of yourself in Iraq. You will be in my thoughts. Maybe this :censor: will be over soon and you will not be there long.
I want to tell you good luck and keep your head up. I am grateful to all the people doing there part in this whole thing. Its people like you that keep our freedom ringing!!

GOD BLESS YOU!!!! I will keep you in my prayers.

About the tank I would do what most are saying break it down you have enough to think about.
Wow!!! Thanks for all the support guys, There is a country song called Arlington that sums it up pretty well I think, "I'm thankful for those who are thankfull for the things I've done" or in this case the things I am about to do. And just as a side note, my job is on an airfield, which can still get messy, but I really shouldnt see much of the ugly part of war. (As if there was any other type)

I agree, breaking it down would be the easiest.
If I keep it, I will have to move it. I will lose my living accommodations when I go. I just hate to do that, Yesterday was an exciting day for my tank,,,,, First I noticed that one of my blue leg hermits had decided to move into a bigger shell, and I noticed a few small patches of coralline algae starting to grow on my filter tube. Not too big of a deal, but it was a real good indicator to me (a new guy in this hobby) that I am doing it right.
To stop now would be a disappointment. I will talk to the owner of the LFS again, he mentioned once apon a time that he might have room in his basement. He is a pretty good guy I consider him a friend.

Just have to see I guess

Thanks again

the bases were pretty quiet some mortar fire and idiots taking potshots but thats it. I understand that has cooled off now too. Its the roads that are dangerous. stay alert stay alive.
That is pretty much what I hear Scott, Sounds like I will be going to Anaconda, (Morteritaville)

Any way, I noticed a very tiny (about half the size if your pinkey nail) starfish, looks like a choc-chip starfish. Pretty neat!!! Not sure where this guy came from, musta hitched a ride in with some live rock.

Due to all of this I think I will move them out to NC when I go.,

It will be a pain in the butt, but the tank is doing to well now for me to abandon it.

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