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Feb 10, 2011
So i haven't posted here in a while because things were going pretty awesome with my tank over these past few months and i have been fairly busy with life etc. Anyways i had a story i wanted to tell pertaining to my tank and a roadblock i ran into in the past 24 hours.
Months ago i went against my better judgement and purchased a green condy anenome because i had never seen such a cool neon green on a condy before. Things were going great, it left my other invertebrates alone and planted its foot in one place for months. But over the christmas break i was able to obtain a very nice purple pinapple tree from divers den at LA. The optimal spot in my tank for this coral was at the peak of one of my rocks but it shaded the anemone's spot. A few weeks went by and the condy went on the move causing me to re arrange some of my corals but it turned out looking better with the new arrangement. The Condy found a new home at the top of my tank on glass. i know better than to just move an anemone from one spot cause it could cause tearing at the foot, but this spot was probably too high in the tank because it started to get bleached. As of yesterday it looked very bad some of it tentacles were grey and shriveled up. I knew i had to act quick because anemones can nuke the tank pretty fast taking the entire population with it. So i removed it and placed it in a container every so often adding new water. In the process of taking the anemone out i knocked of the pineapple tree. Due to its odd shape it is a fairly difficult coral to epoxy down. I fail several times to get it into its proper home with marine safe epoxy and silicon neither were working. Finally towards the end of the day i was able to get it back in its spot but at a cost. A piece of the coral tore half off, and is now hanging on by a thread.Additionally, the commotion i caused in the tank has left my six line in a panic and is now breathing extremely heavy today. I will most likely lose both the wrasse and my anemone by the looks of it. Additionally, my favorite coral is hurting now as well. So as a warning just stay away from anemones i know it has been said multiple times by multiple people but somehow we all get captivated by the waving tentacles and the thoughts of nemo's home but try your best not to. Anyways thanks for listening.
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