The Best Hang On Skimmers

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Feb 18, 2007
Hi im looking at buying a new skimmer as the one i currently have is crap.
What is the best hang on skimmer u can get in your opinions?
thanks mate :) so which one is better? the cpr or the aqua-c? and what time of skimmer would be best for my 5 ft aquarium?? think its about 250 litres? just ask cause i know there are diff types or remora's.
Both excellent choices! I lean more towards the AquaC Remora personally...I've heard a lot of very good things about it.
ok thanks again. :) probably look at going the aqua-c remora then. just have to figure out which type to go for. also have to make sure it will fit on the side of my tank where my current (crap) jebo sits. lol :D cant wait :):)

also picked up some purigen to for my cannister filter :D
ok then. thanks Marc. i will look into it. might buy em off ebay from the US as i think it will still work out cheaper then what i can get em for here. just have to look at what model of Remora to get as i need a bigger one i think. my tank is about 65 Gal
srry to sound dumb but what is msrp??
i noticed in the classified part of this forum somone is selling a 2nd hand one. have sent them a msg to see what its lilke. might be worth getting to :D
ok then. thanks guys for all the help./ this forum is awesome. i must seem like the biggest pest on here but i wanna get it right :) hehe.
Looks like im gonna go with the Aqua C Remora Pro With Mag 3. :) now to find the best price i can get :D hehe.

good thing about this thing to is it wont leak onto my floor like that jebo one does :D
hopefully the opening i have for it on the side is enough clearance for it. might have to cut the hood out a bit more.

its fine to sit on the side hey??

the only other thought i had was to invest in a sump. but then i would still need a protein skimmer anyways wouldnt i?
will my tank be alright without a skimmer for a few days then? or not?
i have purigen going thru it now.

sorry to be a bother.

would i be better off setting up a sump system with a deep layer of sand or something?
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