The difference?

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Jan 19, 2006
What exactly is the difference between true and false perculas? I can only tell so far because the false I see have black tips on thier fins. And ours doesnt.
so whats the big deal lol. Everyone says true percs are rare. I have one and I am getting a false today.
Well, if you have a small tank, the full grown size diffrence can be a big deal. You also could be a genitics purist, and want to re-create a particular biotope, or make sure you're breeding your clownfish true.
Ocellaris clowns have more of a pin-stripe black line outlining the white. On true percs this line is wider and tends to fade.
Like Lando said, I've read about the difference in the black borders outside the white stripes. Have also read that the O.clowns tend to stay a brighter orange where the true percs will eventually darken to a more burnt orange color. Mine are still young so I still don't know what i have :)
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