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Yes, I know I was warned and I am getting an adaptor for either the kitchen or bathroom sink to be able to hook up the python. Of course that will stop the chiropractic bills, but won't pay the ones I have :wink: :wink: But in the long run, it was worth all of it...My lady is a very happy girl now. I can't begin to thank all of you for all of your help and patience.

Yes, I know I was warned and I am getting an adaptor for either the kitchen or bathroom sink to be able to hook up the python.
Oh well, I'm still doing buckets for all my tanks, which include an 80 and 50 gal :oops: The python needs to be in my future!
I run a hose outside to the garden......

Luckily my tap water is at the right temp. straight up and I only need to dechlor. hehehe I just run the hose inside and spray water into the tank.......
That would be a great idea, but I have a well and if I run my water for more than a few minutes, I don't need any ice for ice water :lol: I really don't think my lady wants a cold shower :wink:
I do have another question..Have you heard of an UV sterilizer? A friend of mine, who also has fish uses one and his tank water is crystal clear all the time. Does it do anything to the natural cycle? I don't know what his levels are, but his fish seem fine. What exactly does it do :?:
It kills bacteria which pass by it. With regular water changes you shouldn't need it. People who go to the trouble of using them probably do other things too which help keep their water clear..... Diatom filters etc.... all the bells and whistles.
Hi All...I'm back!!! (Thought you were rid of me huh :lol: ) I think I have become addicted to this site!! Anyway, since I rely on all of you for sound advise and information, I thought I would see if any of you who visit are familiar with my lady's breed of fish. She is an African Lung fish. It seems there is very little information out there about her species. The reason for this question is I am finding that she really is a "pig". I am not feeding her any feeder fish and I am constantly feeding her. I hesitate to leave the dried protein sticks in the tank, for fear it will cause my levels to sky rocket and create my previous problem. She constantly comes up to the top of the tank for food. Perhaps I have completely spoiled her, but she reminds me of a baby being fed every 3 to 4 hours!! For example, it is 8:30 AM, and for the last 15 minutes, I have fed her 15 protein sticks and 4 spirulina discs. She seems almost satisfied now. I know she is a big fish, but...when is enough, enough??
So, please, if anybody can help me out with information about her species, their habits (more than what I know from my experience with her) I would be grateful. Once again she is an African Lung fish, approximately 3 feet long and around 4 years old.
Butch I'm thrilled things are going great for you and your lady. Just so you know, it is better to underfeed than overfeed. Adult fish can go a very long time without eating. Sometimes I'll have a discus go on a hunger strike for no apparent reason. Maybe it's tired of CBW, maybe it wants to eat something different. It used to drive me up a wall. If a fish doesn't want to eat for a few days, there's nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can be sure of is that I'm not overfeeding.

I'm famaliar with the lungfish but never owned one. Try doing a google search and see what turns up. :wink:
Thanks Brian, I'll remember that and won't go crazy when it seems like all she wants is to be fed. And as I do recall when I was feeding her feeder fish, there were times when they would last and times they were gobbled up quickly.
I will look again on different sites about the lungfish, but I had no real success the last time. But then again, I had an algae problem and couldn't find any help and with this past problem I found this site and you all have been extremely helpful. So I will check again.

Well friends, it has been about a year since I contacted the best fish advise on the web site. But I am back with possibly another problem. All you guys were so helpful the last time I wrote, but it was a general problem that could happen to any tank. This time it is about the fish herself. Briefly she is an African Lungfish (for those who don't remember) and is approximately 5-6 years old. She resides alone, except for feeder fish in a 90 gallon tank and is about 4 ft long! This breed is normally lazy, and normally has a healthy appetite. However, lately she is excetionally lazy, and seems to have very little appetite. She used to take algae pellets from my hand to eat, and she isn't even doing that anymore. When she seems hungry, she apparently snaps at the feeder fish, which usually kills them, and then she leaves them alone, and doesn't "finish them off". Her color is good, the tank is clean and all chem levels are within her normal range. I am hoping this is just a phase or something she will get over, but I am not sure. If anyone is familiar with Lungfish, or may have an answer to this problem, I certainly would appreciate any insight. I would love to attach a picture, like I was supposed to do the last time I wrote, but I don't see where I can attach one. If someone would let me know how to be able to put a picture on this site for all to see, I will, since I now have some photos of her, like to show you my baby.

I am not sure I can help with your fish, but to post a pic in a thread, click on "post reply" and when you want to attach your image click on the "Img" tab, which will bracket the URL address of where the pic is located, like in Photo Locker, or wherever. (In order to obtain that address, when you are viewing your pic on the web, right click on it, highlight and copy the image location)

Paste that address after you have clicked on Img once, then click Img again to close the bracket. When you have clicked Img once it will indicate that you need to close the brackets by showing an asterisk beside the Img button. When you click it again the asterisk is gone and you know your pic is there.

Click "preview" and make sure you can see your pic.
Thanks Tankgirl, I will try to get a picture out. It sounds complicated, so if I can't get one in the reply, I'll try to post it in my profile.

Thanks for answering so quickly. I am hoping there is someone out there that may know more about the Lungfish.

man i dont know anything about lungfish, but i hope yours turns out ok. I know what it is like to lose a pet that you have had that long, be it a fish, dog cat bird what have you. so best wishes
PM Fruitbat if things are dire. Toirtis might be able to help also, but I have not seen him about lately.
If she is that big, even if she is lazy, is it possible she may be stressed by the size of her tank? I don't know anything about lungfish, but certainly hope that she will be ok. She sounds like a valued and loved pet.
To all those who have been extremely helpful, friendly and full of very sound advice, I wish to thank you all. I also want you all to know that my lady is doing extremely well. Still a bit camera shy, but I have managed to post a few pictures of her. Because of her size and her shyness, it is hard to get a full picture. I keep trying, but have not succeeded yet. It does seem that her hunger comes and goes in cycles, so I no longer get concerned when she doesn't eat. Could be the breed, the age ow whatever. She eats when she wants to, and has good color, and seems very content.
I posted a question on the general posts, but I thought I would continue this one to see if you, once again may be able to help me out. I have been given a pleco. Unfortunately, not a very healthy one. It is NOT in my lady's tank!! but in a separate tank. It's previous owner lost most of his fish to ick, including another pleco. He rescued this one, hoping I would give it a home. I have been treating that tank with quICK Cure, and so far the fish is still alive. It shows no signs of ick, but the tank is always cloudy, and there seems to be some kind of slimy/mucousy stuff hanging around. I don't have a clue what that may be. A result of the medicine, some other parasite or disease, I have no idea. All I know is that fish is staying exactly where it is until I know for sure it is healthy and safe to add to my lady's tank. Which may be never for all I know. I kep changing the water, but it does not stay clear and slime free for very long.

Any help or suggestions out there???

Butch, his lady...and some strange pleco who remains nameless for now!!
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