third fish died UH OH!!

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Dec 19, 2005
Ontario, Canada
So, one of our clowns died a few days ago and now today at 11:45 pm my tang and flame angel just passed away. I did a 10% water change because the calcium was super high. What is going on? And how can I save my tank?? :(
Ok what is your tank size and water water parimeters?


65 Gal.

Salinity : 1.024
PH : 8.5-8.1 it fluctuates throughout the day
Ammonia : .01
Calcuim : 700 (reason for water change)
Phosphate : .05
Nitrate: 0
temp: 79
I did dose calcium because it was extremly low at one point and then I stopped. I do not have an ro/di unit yet, so I bought a phosphate reactor (phos X) to battle that demon and then boom, calcium shot through the roof.

Could that be the reason Im crashing? I still have one blood shrimp, an O clown, 2 blue damsels, foxface, sand milk goby and lawnmower blenny.. they all seem ok.
Then again... the flame angel looked perfectly ok too, it happened in a split second :(
How long has the tank been setup?

Ya do another small WC for now.

Is the water cloudy at all?

Your best defense right now is water change after water change. I would do 20% to start every day then every other day for a week or so. Just make sure you use well aged aeriated SW. You will be busy.
I hate to report this to everyone.. but more has died.. I can't seem to stop it no matter what i'm trying. I did the water change and this morning another of my O. clows was dead. the water perameteres are fine, so it must be some parasite/disease taking out its wrath on my tank.... Pray for me... hunderds of dollars lost and still climbing :(
Do any of your fish have spots or a mucas looking covering kinda like velvet?

Also has anyone used chemicals around your tank lately? Like glass cleaner, carpet deoderizer, fabreeze, etc...

Sorry to hear. Can you check your PH right now and report?

Just taking some stabs here. :(
thank u all very much for the help... I will take ur advice and do what I can... sadly enough, another fish has passed since my last post. Sadly that 5 fish now in 2 days.. I havent dosed anything whatsoever and I will not either... Im going to do a 20 WC and check levels.
I’d also run Purigen along with Chemi-Pure. Both are excellent products that help tanks that are “off” immensely. Great products for maintaining pristine water quality also. Make sure if you do use them to rinse both off vigorously in ro/di water before placing in the filter. The dust if not rinsed can damage corals. I’d run them for a maximum of one to two weeks then remove or switch up to GAC again. The resin turns brown as it absorbs the chemicals.

So sorry for your loss :( Dosing without testing is always risky as you are finding out. Best of luck to you with the rest of your stock. Did your ph crash with such a high ca level?
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