To Manderin or Not to Manderin **UPDATE** with PICS!

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Another quick question. Do mandarins play in the sand and get it in their slime coat? My mandarin has some sandy white dots on the edge of her fins, and on her head. I was watching them and when she moved some of the spots on her head blew off.
I think they have a slime coat on them so they pick up sand on occasion. I think it is normal :)
revhtree said:
What kind of cam do you use alrmc 4??
all my tank pics were taken with sony 717 it has been awhile since i took pics it was not as much fun when it turned into an alagee jungle :?
Here are some pics of Yoshi......he's coming out alot more now. Sorry about the bubbles in the pic. :wink:



kewl fish man.... hope he does as well as my psycho goby..... and yeah they definitely get sand in their coat....... they're also EXTREMELY resistant to ich...
Looks great, David! I am glad you decided to get it. I am sure it will do wonderful in your care...Lando
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