To much light for Refugium ?

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Sep 9, 2004
Ok I have 2 65w pc 1 15k and 1 antic.Is this too much light i have some Chaeto Algae coming this week.I have just up grade my lights to 2 175w mh 10k and 2 110w vho uri antic.Iam having a prob with heat.Its a 55gal with a 33gal sump.As of right now i have a canopy with no top on aquarium and a 7" clip on fan on the tank.The temp is getting up to 85 with out the fan.Just got the fan today so ill see what it gets up to with it on.Whats the highest could i have the temp 82?As long as its stable?I am on the tail end of the cycle with nothing in the tank but 100lbs of lr and 80lbs of ls.I had 2 mj 1200 ph in the sump for movement but i have now removed them.i Hope it will bring the temp down a bit.And other suggestions will help.And how much light do i need for the chaeto.thanks Derrick

Ps A chiller is out of the question right now!
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