To rinse Live sand or to Not?

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Sep 10, 2021
1st Tank here and a rookie to boot!

25 gal. tank, two 20lb. bags of Caribsea Live Coral sand, Fiji Pink.
I know this has been covered in older post, but I wanted a current census from the experience in this forum.

On the bag it says not to rinse, I see various opinions on whether to rinse live sand or not......that you wash the bacteria out....does anyone know the truth?

I have well water so no chlorine. I see the bags actually have a good bit of water in them......I can see it. Not sure if I want that in the new tank? Won't be putting this all together for about 5 more days.

I see advice saying everything from 0 rinses to 1 rinse to several rinses?
I'm in no hurry so if its cloudy for a few days is ok.......but I don't want to be doing a bad thing by not rinsing.....

Confused a little here....LOL .....anymore opinions? ?:confused:
I’ve never rinsed the sand before putting it in the tank. Idk how viable the “live” part of live sand is honestly. But like I said I’ve never rinsed it.
If you’re going to rinse it you may as well buy dry sand and save the money. Even if the contents in the sand isn’t “live” it will help the cycle with presenting some decaying matter.
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