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Well, I use a 2 liter bottle for my 10 gallon, if you're worried about to much CO2, I imagine you could add less yeast. I think for a 5 gallon a 2 liter would be fine. Unless you have shrimp I hear shrimp are a bit sensitive to CO2.
Oh okay. So instead of 1/4 tsp of yeast, maybe i will put less than than.

Thanks sake. I just didn't know if the size of the bottle matters with the tank size.
On the topic of co2, would it be better to have the diffuser in the display tank or could I have it in my return section of my sump.
It is a FW tank.
Cheers oh and sorry for stealing the thread lol
Mem84 said:
On the topic of co2, would it be better to have the diffuser in the display tank or could I have it in my return section of my sump.
It is a FW tank.
Cheers oh and sorry for stealing the thread lol

What size is your tank and sump?you may find that diy co2 will be usless in a tank over 20 gal others might even say a10 gal. Sorry im just assuming you have a larger tank because you mentioned a sump i may be wrong

If you had it in the sump all the agitation would make the co2 gas off alot quicker making it pointless. Depending on how it was setup

An airstone will create bubbles to large to be of any use and will float straight up an out. Someone mentioned a wooden chopstick you can easily get these from any takeaway cut of about 1/2 inch and jam it into the airline. Thats a very common method with diy co2 i personally like this method because tapping it into your internal can make it noisier but thats just personal preference

I just read over quickly and while typing i cant remeber if an air pump had been mentioned but anyway running air and co2 at the same time is a no no if you have adequate surface agitation you shouldnt have any problems .
Thanks for the reply, it is about 200 or is liters so about 50 gallons, with the sump holding about 15 gallons. I was just going to have it going into he sump in he return partition there isn't much agitation in there just as it is returned via my pump to a spray bar along the surface of it. Just saw how easy it was for the setup and thought even a small amount might make a bit of a difference.
I already have Ada in my substrate and I dose with flourish, I'm guessing my lightin is the downer as I only have 2 t8s.
Thats quite a big setup fir diy and may not make any difference but its worth trying it anyway cant hurt. you could try a manifold of two or three bottles all going into the one line. You would probably be better off pointing your spray bar down or directly at any plants in the tank as this will take the co2 direct to the plants and keep it in the tank longer. However this may create a problem with lack of surface agitation which you would need a small amount of. sometimes a biofilm(does not harm fish) forms on top of the water. You may or may not have this type of problem if you did youd probably need a small powerhead to get rid of it.w
do any of you guys have problems with not enough pressure behind teh c02 for the c02 to come out of the diffuser? i seem to. i can't see any bubbles at all (i think i have a leak though) but all the same, is a normal curved glass diffuser fine and workable with DIY?
If its what im thinking of they work under alot of pressure try an atomiZer theyre 12 bucks on ebay i think they run just like an airstone but finer bubbles
thanks mate. i'll have a look into it. i've got a homemade reactor that i was trying to use, but then i pulled it apart and realised it wasn't the problem, but a leak was haha. i might put it back together and see how i go. getting annoying, it's taken me ages
themox said:
What do you mean?

To test for leaks on gas appliances you usually get some soapy water and pour it over the connections. If you have a leak You can see air bubbles coming out. What id do is connect an air pump to the outlet of your co2 to create more pressure then test or you could submerge it under water.
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