Too many platys- what to do

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Apr 5, 2022
So I accidentally bought a male platy with three females and they are all pregnant. I do not want to breed fish, but I feel responsibility to take care of some of the Frey because this was my mistake and I feel stressed out knowing that soon I’m going to have three females, give birth and many Frey, does anyone have any advice here on what to do? I will phone some of the local fish stores and see if they could take some of the Frey and the idea of letting nature take its course and letting the fish eat the fry is very unappealing to me , I don’t know what to do moving forward as I do not want them to breed again what do people do in these situations? Is it awful to think of euthanizing the mail? That just doesn’t feel good to me either. Just feeling bad about the whole situation, any advice is appreciated.
Depending upon where you live, you may find a Petco which can take donation fish, sometimes they have room and sometimes they do not.

Other local fish stores will also take some fish from you, but also may be willing to give you credit for plants, fish or food, etc. They usually have specific things they offer depending on the store.

These livebearer fish have tens and hundreds of babies because in nature most of them are food for other fish and critters in the water.

How you want to deal with babies is totally up to what you feel okay with. The mother fish will possibly eat some, but that means also she gets back nutrition from the fry. Circle of life thing. But fish food has nutrition also, so live food isn't usually necessary for the majority of community fish.

You can also keep a male, and rehome the females or the other way around. No need to euthanize him.

But livebearers also may continue to have babies for a while after the male is gone.
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