Torch Coral Question

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Sep 27, 2006
Washington State
I just picked up a torch coral this afternoon and I am concerned that I may have too much flow on it. I've read that they like medium flow.

If I do have too much flow on it, what signs would I see?

It wont come out as much as it should. If you have too much for a long period of time and you damage the coral then you`ll get the dreaded Brown jelly disease. No blasting it just a gentle flow on it.
Agreed. The flow should play with the tentacles, so to speak. Nothing direct that would force the tentacles one way or another.
not sure if this will work but here's a short video of the torch in the flow (just click on the picture and you'll warp over to photobucket -- I think) What do you think?

Nahhhh... that flow is just fine. Mine probably has a tad more flow than that and is happy. So happy I fragged several branches of it a month or so ago!
Med. flow is correct. As mentioned, they do not like to be blasted with flow. As with all new corals, finding the correct placement in your tank can become a trial and error persuit. IF it does not seem to be happy where you have it, try another spot. When provided with the proper placement and water parameters, this can be a very fast growing coral. I am able to frag 6-8 heads every six months from my mother colony. Not too bad when I sell them for $10/head.
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