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Jan 29, 2005
Miami, FL
This was a hitch-hiker from my order about 4 months ago. I have hit it with Joe's Juice several times... but it keeps coming back for more. Any idea's how to get it once and for all?



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did you physically remove it after joe's juice?

try lemon juice and then picking it off the rock, try to leave none of it behind...

its like a bad weed
Right, evenings, why not keep it? How deadly are these things anyway? I've had a few since I added my live rock in April, and they don't seem to do much at all. Not taking over the tank, which I know I've heard they do. I do have joe's juice on hand, but have yet to use it, and I hate to kill anything which is not doing any harm!
evenings and dianeww, For what it's worth...
I had a few when I first set up my tank. They didn't seem to be doing any harm and I chose not to do anything with them. A year later I have several that are getting really large and little ones popping up all over the place. Now I really wish that I had taken measures to get rid of them in the beginning.
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