Traded guppies for a new critter again

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Sep 29, 2003
Well once again my fancy guppies overpopulated their "club love" tank and thus about 60 of them found themselves in an igloo cooler on a ride to the LFS.

Last batch of guppies I brought in, I traded for a yellow sebae. This time I traded for a lonely little mandarin dragonet which I knew was just starving for some of my mega-pod population. He was so hungry and tired when I got him at the store, that I literally lifted the poor thing out of the bag with my hand, when I got him home and acclimated. His holding cell at the LFS was quite small. His belly was sunk in a little too.

So now he's hovering around sucking up pods all over the tank. What a beautiful fish. I have 4 sw tanks going now so if I see a visible pod decrease in the 40 that hes is in I will move some more LR in there or move him to a bigger tank or whatever it takes. I currently have pod piles in his tank and lots of dead pipe-organ coral and CC and aragonite chunks and thus there is a heavy pod population.

Well I spose I better get a few pics and post them sometime. I just thought I would share, it has been awhile since I posted. :)
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