Transforming my 300 gallon

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Jul 2, 2005
Bristol, Connecticut
In the beginning I started up my 300 gallon tank with the plans of a "high tech" planted tank with a South American theme.
Here is a pic from a few years ago while setting up

After a short time the tank became this

After about a year I acheived this. I had the honor of the "First" "Tank of the month" shown by Tropical Resources in TFH. It was this pick

Here is a closer look

And a pic from the side looking long ways

Well now, it is time for a change. At first I was planning on selling the tank. The time and energy was way to much for me. But then I decided I really like Tanganyikan cichlids and I have a 75 gallon running great. So my decision is to transform my 300 gallon into a Tanganyikan community.
As of today this is my progress: Back to the beginning!!!

I bought two 125 gallon tanks and moved 80% of the fish into them and an existing 180 gallon (I like big tanks). By Tuesday this tank will be empty and I will remove the gravel and replace with sand.
I'm planning on Eco-Complete sand for Africans, I have it in my 75 and love it.
I will post progress and pics along the way and don't forget, comments and questions are welcome.
Thanks for looking, Michael
Wow fantastic looking tank. That planted tank was gorgeous. I can't wait to see how the cichlid tank looks as you progress.
Incredible. Do you have more photos to share?
Hurry up and post more pictures when you update. I have to go out of town for a week starting Friday. Need to gets my fix.
Little up-date:
I removed all the fish and gave them all new homes in two 125's and I add some to my 180. All three tanks are overstocked now, it's amazing how easily my 300 gallon tank handled all those fish. A couple days before I was to remove the last of the fish I had two spawns, one from my Corys and one from my Bolivian Rams. I removed as many Corys Eggs as I can and I took the rock with the Ram eggs and put them all in a 10g tank. I now seem to have a hundred Cory fry and Ram wigglers!
I have removed 40% on the gravel, the rest will be out today. I am going to remove 80% of the water, add the Eco-complete sand. I'll get some pics up tonight showing the tank with no gravel and with the sand.
Hope to have some fish in the tank by Wednesday.
Thanks for looking, Michael
Some new pics. I changed out the gravel to Eco-Complete cichlid sand. I have a bunch of snails and three 2" Bristlenose in the tank. I am slowly raising the PH, KH & GH. Hopefully by Sunday I'll start adding some fish. I left one spot on the left side with Plant Gravel and some Cryp plants. They do good in hard water so I'll see how it looks in time. I will be adding more small shells piles, in the pics you can't see them but they are two piles in there.




Here are some new pics with some fish. Hope you all enjoy
Here is a pic of some Ornatus with juvi Caudopunks and you can even see my new Black Calvus on the right

Here is an Adult Caudopunk and Ornatus flaring at each other

This is a male Cyprichomis Blue Flash

The tank looks good, You must have a big house for all those large tanks, or just no furniture....( ha ha)
Gorgeous lookin' tank, I can hardly wait to see the end results! : )
A little up-date. I got some new fish. A pair of wild caught Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis, 14 F1 Xen. Ochrogenys Ndole Bay and 6 F1 Neolamprologus Speciosus. I couldn't get any pics of the Xen. ochrogenys because they are small, about 1 - 1.25" and show no color yet. I have them in a grow out 20g tank. The Paracyps and Speciosus and in the 300g.
Here is the male paracyp

one of the Speciosus, not a good pic, he has great color and finage

And this is a 75 gallon tank filled with juvi Lamprologus Cadopunctatus
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