Tropical Playsand NOT southdown...

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Feb 4, 2005
Went searching AGAIN for Southdown/Yardright playsand at a few HD stores today and found the tag, with the correct sku number - but underneath it was a different brand of play sand. It was NOT Quickrete and I'm kicking myself because I don't remember the name. But it was in a white bag and was labeled "Tropical Playsand". The sand was white. I couldn't flip any over because they were all frozen to each other. Not sure what kind of sand it was. I know this doesn't give much information :) but if it says "Tropical" playsand does that mean it is not silicate based? Should any "Tropical" sand be okay for aquariums? Just wondering if I can buy a few bags today.

I may head back there today and will post the name brand.

Any help would be....well, very.....helpful.


- Skins
If it says "Tropical playsand", it's more than likely ok to use. If you can, post the name of the brand to better verify that it's ok.
I mistakenly bought hd 'Premium Playsand' without checking to see if it was silicone. It doesn't say on the bag, so I guess I'll have to go back and see what else they have...
Okay, the sand is Global Stone Corporation Sanatized White Play Sand. It actually does NOT say "Tropical Sand" on the bag it only says it on the display (which is actually for southdown). Anyway, I'm getting a new 110 gallon on Thursday so I grabbed 4 40lb bags for $16. It's really nice looking white sand, but the back does say "Sand contains small amounts of silica which can cause cancer if enhaled" so there's my answer.

I know this subject has been BEATEN to death, but silica is okay except for sharp edges that may harm sand sifting animals, correct? And no PH buffer, but I"m assuming salt will take care of ph for the most part, no? I'm probably abandoning my southdown search at this point.

- Snoop Skinny Skins
dude the same thing happened to me it says tropical playsand and the sku that someone else put on this board matched but im not sure because someone elsa said that the sku matched at a hd in texas but it wasnt the right stuff WHO KNOWS im not comfortable that "most likely" it is correct someone needs to help somehow
That's a pretty impressive sentance, I havn't seen one that long since I read the Texas constitution.

But to the point... no I just wanted to mention the sentance.
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