Turbo snail turds

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Jan 27, 2004
London UK
While my fishes are all in QT under hypo treatment, I dropped 4 big turbo snails in my main tank. They are so effective in cleaning up my diatom and algae on the LR that I am already seeing rapid growth in coralline algae only after three days.

Now the other problem is they are dumping so much turd. Well I think they are, short, greyish colour, dropping from their underside. Should I be concerned? What people do? Do they just leave it there or have it vacummed?
I love my turbo he cleans my 10 like a mad man.I am betting that after they get through the existing stuff the turds will slow.I eman think of a all you can eat pizza bar for 1 month.You'd crap alot also
I was thinking in the same line. The turds will probably slow down once the tank is cleaned. But will there be enough food for them afterwards?
The tank is 45 gallon and I have 4 turbos. And they go everywhere, the glass, LR, argonite. I found one on its back tonight, it didn't seem to fix itself, so I put him upright again.
Turbos can't right themselves if the fall off into the sand. Kinda sad. :cry: If left wrong side up too long they will die. Then the food chain kicks in. Two problems with turbos, they're bulldozers (they'll knock over LR and corals and such) and they're clumsy. They get pretty big too. Nice to have some smaller snails to get in all the nooks and crannies.
I have a dozen astrea snails, but they are not as effective as turbos.

BTW, I have spotted something on my LR. It looks like a snail, but a very flat and small shell. It seems to graze the LR like the other snails. Does anyone know what it is? Is it harmful?

I'd post that in the indentification area for a better response I have no idea as I am new to the salt side of the tank
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