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junkfood john

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Apr 30, 2008
Duluth Mn.
I am setting up a 90 gallon tank. After reading what people had to say here at AA I bought a fluval FX5 canister filter on ebay yesterday. I hope I made the right call because I know nothing abought them.I would like to go SW but I think I will have to go with FW untill I learn a lot more abought fish tanks. My gravel will be agates. I was looking at undergravel filters and seen one that you can put carben filters in. would this be a good call for my tank or can you hook the canester right to it.


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nice stand man... beautiful...

personally i would think the fx5 would be enough... undergravel filters can be very messy... plus the fx5 is a pretty powerful filter... in a 90 gal it should be way more than enough
UG filters are 'Old School'. They do need to be maintained which means taking it out. The cannister filter should be fine.

Sorry to hear you decided against SW at this time. But, at some point in the future you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!

Also remember to post a question here about a piece of equipment before buying it. Good job on reading up on that filter before buying it. Keep it up and you will have a successful tank.
I have an FX5 on my 125. It is a nice filter and can hold quite a bit of media or LR rubble.
Thanks for the advice. you guys saved me some money. can't wait to get my filter and get started. Thanks again John
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