Underwater laser lights

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Jan 10, 2006
Wichita Falls, Texas
I saw these lights tonight at Petco. Tiny little things that run off a transformer that hangs on the back. It actually looked pretty cool. I fully understand that these lights are for the humans only and wont help the fish or inverts. Anybody seen these in operation?
I can finally have my sharks with frik-kin laser beams?

Sorry... I had to..
Wow, finally some people with a sense of humor. 8)

At the risk of making my tank look like circus attraction I'm going to put these lights in while my tank is cycling. At least we'll have some "neat" to look at for a few more weeks. There's nothing in right now except 2 pieces of rotting shrimp and a bunch of old dead rock and corals.

I really want to add LR but the stuff at the LFS was 6.99 a pound and I wasn't too impressed. I will probably order about 100 lbs in the the next day or two.
LOL - Somebody needs to buy this right before they add sand! That would be sweet to watch the cloud & laser light show.

If someone does, video tape it please! I'll spot you the hard drive space on my own server if needed. :lol:
I just wonder how visible the lights are to fish..
I have several nocturnals that only come out to play when it's pitch black (ish..moonlights rock!).
That and if it is visible, would it disturb the 'sleepers'?
do let us know how it works out...
Actually it looks like RED lights so I think it's okay. Which the night owls don't seem to care too much about. I like to check out the bristle worms I have in the tank at night (Red filter flashlight) that way to see how bad or good the population is doing. It's the white lights most them don't like and go running.
I grabbed up one of those miracle beam kits that you are talking, but put it in my FW tank. It was only $2! Clearance. 8)

I used it as a moonlight in my fw tank. I used the blue bulbs to create the night effect. The bulbs were too bright for my taste, so I don't use it anymore. Perhaps if you used it, I'd go with just one of the bulbs. Otherwise, well....IMHO, the laser lights *might* look a little tacky. But, I've never really seen one all set up and stuff.

Post piccies if/when you get it.
The fish my disagree with that. Although it might look cool with some neon decorations and one of those deep sea diving dogs. who needs fish? :wink:
I say drop some Ecstasy in the tank and blast The Chemical brothers. LOL :lol: actually, I would like to see it. Might be cool. I say do it. IMO.
I like the mermaid they sell even more :p
Well, I got the laser lights. I got a green and a blue. I know it's a little ridiculous but hey, they look cool. I apologize for the quality of the pics but you get the idea. I will probably add a red module in a day or two.

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