upgrading an ro system???????????

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Jan 14, 2004
Bradford, MA
I recently purchased an ro system from a fellow employee. He has a side business in home water filtration. The system I have is a four stage 12GPD system (ro only).

Since I started useing it I am having a cyanobacteria outbreak. Red algae everywhere.

My questions are...Are there major diffeences between 5 micron filters and .5 micron filters and which one is best?

Can I up the GPD or is it factory set?

Can I add on any di unit and if so any ideas on any good ones?

And what about the TFC membrane?
.5 is better means that smaller particles are being filtered out , cleaner water.as for the rest I dont know.I am sure you can add a di unit pretty easily
You should get a handheld TDS meter and measure your output water.

You shouldn't have a problem upping the output of the unit, provided the RO chamber will hold a larger membrane, you would do better to address this to one of RO selling sponsors in their forum, they should be able to guide you as to what is safe to upgrade to. Personally I would go with about a 75 gpd unit. As for the DI, pretty much any DI cartridge will do, if you have a TSDS meter, if not, make sure you get one with a color changing resin so you know when to change it ;)
thanks for the reply I'l need to get a tds meter and i'll change the filters just to be sure
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