Urchin kidnapped clove polyps

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Mar 2, 2012
Seattle area
I noticed about a week ago that my clove polyps, which were flourishing, seemed to have greatly diminished in number. Yesterday I found out where they went. Apparently my tuxedo urchin decided to take them for a little ride. Can I just pull them off? Will the urchin eventually drop them. Could be easy to just pull them off but I don't want to harm the urchin or the polys. Advice?


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My urchin steals a few polyps here and there all the time , I don't worry about it as he seeds other parts of the tank with them . I've seen hermits ,snails , even cleaner shrimp take a ride it's kind of funny . it's normal for any of this (y)
Quick update: I remove the coral twice from the urchin and he keeps picking it back up. He's been carrying it around for over a year now! Guess they like each other.
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