Urchins and Skimmers.

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Mar 15, 2004
Is the Remora the quietest of the small skimmers? The tank is sort of in the dining room area, which is why I'm asking.. =)

Also, what urchins are similar to the blue tuxedo (Mespila globulus) as far as care requirements go (or lack of ;))? I saw some on Aquabid the other day called purple pincushion urchins, but they didn't give a scientific name..

Do I have to worry about urchins "picking up" my clean-up crew? I saw a picture of one carrying around a snail shell.
I LOVE my tux !
HE's amazing, 0 care.. .
He hops from rock to rock !
As for the skimmer, I'll let you know in a few hours how quiet it is ! Mine is "out for delivery"
No worries with the Urchins, I have 2 pincushions (see gallery for my purple) a longspine and a Blue Tux. All are self sufficient for the most part and do not bother a thing. Their "pick up" habit is quite comical at times. They think they are hiding. :)
LOL, yeah, I saw yours with the nori clip. That's hilarious! :lol:

I really like tuxes, but I was just wondering about the other ones too. Thanks for the help on that. :D
Yeah. I meant "yours" like "your urchin," not "your tux." :)
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