Urchins, starfish, sand dollar, turbo snails & sea cucumbers

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Aug 10, 2017
These are obviously not proper names but are they compatible in my 200 gallon tank? I have a few aquarium bought fish but my kids like to collect species from the keys and introduce. It seems the turbo snails and urchins are eating on the cucumbers. There is plenty of algae in the tank at the moment ( unfortunately) but they may be not as enthused with that. What should i rid of?
Usually with the nuisance algae you have to remove it manually. Siphon it out when you do a PWC.
I'd get rid of the cucumber. I'm sure there is lots of overfeeding leading to the algae, but what you are talking about eats algae.
Remove as much as you can and cut back on the vegetables. The animals in the tank will do the work while your water changes remove the nutrients.
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