Using canister filter on a drilled tank

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Oct 5, 2008
Elizabetown KY
I have a factory drilled oceanic 58 gal aquarium that i do not want to use a sump on!! Can i just hook the canister filter to the pluming and and run the filter that way!!
No but you can install the bulkheads, cap them off and then run your canister tubes up and over the back wall just like you would on any other tank
If you have the correct plumbing parts, you can, but canisters run off mechanical pressure an overflow doesnt.
as long as the intake and exhaust are always under water there will not be a problem using a cannister filter. My fluval tubes fit nicely into a one inch pvc with a nice snug fit. you might want to glue them though.
IMO just flat out bad advice. For those recommending it.. Post some pics of your canister hooked up to the bulk head of your drilled tank. NOT you HOB overflow.

I look forward to them
He did say his tank was drilled. I'm assuming that means no HOB overflow. I wouldn't think there would be a problem, until you wanted to service the canister. Then you may have a chance of the tank draining out, but you could just put a valve in the intake side. And the outlet side too, if you wanted.
most canisters come with ball valves on intake and exhaust, as long as they are both under the water and everything is sealed up not to leak what is the problem?

where there is a will there is a way. It will work its just a matter of how much plumbing work needs to be ensure no leaks in the lines or in the tank.

technically, if he had the plumbing parts that go in the tank and overflow itself and plumbed his canister lines to fit into properly the bulkheads then it will be fine.

I dont know much but I own every style filter made right now and while having to retrofit things to work everything is fine all it takes is a few minutes of brain power and a few hours max of physical and mental energy.

Joe, you can run all the plumbing IN the tank that is supposed to be there, under the tank where the holes are, your bulkhead ends meaning what connects the tank plumbing to the canister plumbing will have either double female ends or if you get a bulkhead that has a female/male ends, you hit the garden section, get yourself some connectors to the thread to a hose so one end will match one end of your threads, then use a hose clamp to your hoses at that point and again at the valves and the canister lid if needed.

its a pretty simple retrofit to be completely honest.
why not give the manufacturer a call and get their opinion. Lookin forward to those pictures
They will say no, why because its lost revenue to them.

I dont have a predrilled tank so you will be waiting a long long time for those pics from me.

If its plumbed correctly it can be done. Id rather see a 15g or 10g with a DIY sump kit down there instead of a canister but it can be done and will work just like a canister filter.this time youll just have a black box and some plumbing in the tank. To answer the question at hand, YES it can be done. Yes it will work.

If it were me, read the above paragraph, 2nd sentence.
i have a sump under my 110 and it just gives me problems, all it wants to do is grow algae !? but it dose keep the display looking good just to much work to keep clean!
@Joe.. I'd really give some thought to the pressure that 50 gallons of water is going to exert on a 1" hole in the bottom of your tank.. thus the pressure on those low pressure hoses. Just sayin... One mistake and your tank empties.. Then all the "I Think It Will Work" won't mean crap.

Good luck with it.. and I mean,,, good luck.

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