using cork and corkproducts as a backround

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Yep, i've seen it done. I'd search for it, probably in the DIY section specifically. I've seen a few write ups but I don't recall if it was here, or

but essentially you get 100% natural untreated cork, and use aquarium safe silicone to attach it to your back glass wall.

over time it will degrade/decompose, similar to driftwood. but we're talking several years, not weeks or months.
Thanks, I'll research the untreated cork. I'm glad you mentioned that, because I was looking at the ones for posterboard at the store.
You can get corkbark from Spain at You should soak it for a few days in warm water, then put heavy weights on it for a few weeks and it should flatten somewhat. It is also easy to saw to shape it.
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