UV Light with a reef tank

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Jan 5, 2006
I went down to my LFS looking to buy a new UV llight (currently I have an old Aquanetics 25W POS and the bulb is burnt). I told him that I have FO now but would like to make it a reef tank in the next year. He said I wouldn't need a UV light if I was going reef. Is this true? My assumption is that the LR would break down the nitrates and other things that the UV light normally took care of, but I don't know if that's 100%


I run a UV on a reef. LFS is wrong. UV does not remove NO3. It kills parasites, algae spores etc. PS. it will also kill pods.
I love my UV. It is an asset to my reef tank. As Brian said it does all those things. :splat:
I also run a uv light on my reef. Like Brenden said the uv will not play a role in the removal of NO3. I love my UV.
i'm still wonderin if i need one, guess eventually i'll end up purchasing one
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