very odd test results

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Sep 11, 2011
i tested my water with the strips today as i am cycling with live rock
i have an api test kit on the way
while i have never seen an amonia spike, my nitrate is 20
my nitrite is through the roof'
water hardness is 150
alkalinity is about 200
ph is about 8
i have 21 pound of live rock (getting 6 more pounds tonight, or should i wait?)
tank is 2o gal long, been cycling for a week with live rock, maybee a gallon of store used water, Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was cycling with a dead shrimp but took it out after 3 days
yes, you can add the live rock as soon as you get it. Did you ever see an ammonia spike in your tank? I'm always leery of test strips.
never saw an amonia spike, i ordered an api test kit, should be here tomorow, i want 2 get 2 more picies of life rock to build a cave for a reef lobster, what would you reccomend doing
also, just to add info, i had a dead shrimp but took it out because i was told live rock would cycle my tank
if i get more live rock tonight will it slow down the cycle?
You can add as much live rock as you can while its still cycling. I would have left the shrimp in myself but whats done is done.

As far as the test strips I wouldn't trust them one bit. :-D When you get your liquid test kit post the water results you get from that and we'll see where you are as far as your cycle.
sounds great, thanks for the help, i am getting more rock so i can make a cave for the reef lobster i plan to get plus more live rock is always a good thing, the test kit will be here in 1-3 days, i would have bought it at my lfs but i got it cheaper online, carey what do u think of my stock list.
2 ocellaris (1 b&w 1 orange)
1yellow watchman goby
1longnose hawk fish
1 royal gramma
MAYBE 1 fish TBD (suggestions???)

4 assorted hermits
3 assorted snails
4 assorted shrimp
1 reef lobster

1 frogspawn
1 waving hand
1 kenya tree
2 mushrooms
2-3 leathers
3-4 zoas
I still think youre pushing it a bit. The "TBD" one is the one I;m worried about LOL

As far as corals go, the list looks okay. Kenya trees and waving xenia grow extremely fast and will take over your whole tank in a short time. I promised myself I wouldnt add anymore xenia or kenya trees in my tanks. lol I have a forest of xenia now in my 125g and its getting kinda silly....
the tbd would only be added after several months of the tank being stable, if i dont get the kenya tree and xenia what corals would u reccomend, i have the 50 50 reef sun light
If you upgrade your lights. :) The fixture I linked is only like $100 bucks. And it's not half bad either. You could grow ALOT of different corals with it, no nems but lots of corals. :)
you dont think a frogspawn would work with my current light
I doubt there would be enough light, it would most likely not make it and it for sure wouldn't thrive under a single bulb.

I vote to save up for the light you need. :) here is another option, it's abit more money BUT you could keep anything you wanted under it

Odyssea Metal Halide System

It's cheap and an ok fixture for the money. I;m thinking of adding one to my 20g coral tank. :)
i dont want to go all out on the light cuz i wont have this setup for more than a year, i want to give my clowns something that they can host, any suggestions?
Well, the first fixture I linked for $109 is a good deal and not too much money so you wont' be going all out on it. I started with a 29g regular sw tank and used the same fixture for a few months until I upgraded. It was easy to sell the setup since it had decent lights not to mention I used them for a few months and grew some really nice corals. :)

As far as your clowns hosting, they like flowy corals, like torches, leathers and just about anything else that sways and flow. BUT there is no guarantee that your clowns will host anything. I have 2 pairs and neither host anything.
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