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Apr 13, 2004
Rossville. Ga
Ok I got a ARO Electronic Ballast with end caps from a local reefer. The set up looks brandnew, but when I hooked it all up today, I got nothing. This ballast will do up to 16-17ft of bulbs. I have 2 x 6ft on it. The wiring harness has everything prewired and the endcaps say bulb1 and bulb 2 on each set. I have it all hooked up and still nothing.

I am new to VHO's, but if one of the bulbes is bad will the whole thing not work?


Double check your wiring. You should be able to fire one bulb at a time. I know the Icecaps I used to have would flash on and then go off real fast if there was a short in the wiring. Your wiring might have a short in it and thats why nothings litghting up. With it plugged in twist the bulbs a little and see if they fire up from maybe poor contact in the end caps.
Well I have tried everything besides trying new bulbs. The wiring harness is already wired up to a plug so there is no way to cross the wires up. The end caps are marked lamp1 and lamp 2 so I got those lined up. I am getting nothing out of them.

The guy I got these from said I could ship the ballast back and he would replace it. i may have to do that.

so this is the ar 440 ballast? it should fire up to 16foot hrmm.. you can use NO bulbs from HD to test or just to OD the bulbs

have you tried a 4' bulb in it?

see if that works
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