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Dec 13, 2008
We are just starting out on this journey....we have bought a wall aquarium....one that hangs off the wall not built in. It has a blue backing to it which looked fine when we first put it up but when the water warmed up the backing has pulled away in patches leaving it looking cheap and old when the light is on as there a re black patches. We have drained it and tried to smooth out the bubbles (we have no fish yet) but to little effect. Are there any suggestions for how we improve the situation - would it be better to remove the backing plastic and spray paint it or something? :-?
Welcome to AA!

If it's pulling away, yeah you could remove it and reapply something different. Aquarium backgrounds that you get at an LFS can be applied with vegetable oil without any bubbles, or you could spray paint it.
Thanks to both of you....we have now spray painted the back and it looks much much better so despite concerns from my husband I am very happy and we are now back to priming the tank to receive some fish next weekend!
Glad that worked out for you.

Please read the articles linked in my signature about the nitrogen cycle and fishless cycling and consider going that route - much healthier for your fish.
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