Wanting to improve my tank

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Feb 21, 2018

This is my tank currently, I'm wanting to change the style by taking of the lid and putting on a light for corals, if anyone has any light recommendations for a cheap and effective light that works for corals that would be great
It is recommended to have 1 lbs per gallon for both rock and sand in the system. Without enough, fish are unable to establish territories and there will be increased aggression. You will end up seeing as the tang needs a large area and need to be in very large tanks, of upwards of 100 gallons.
In terms of lighting, a single taotronic LED panel will cover it fully for the cheapest price I've seen on the market.
Add more rock for sure and water. Why is the water level so low? The tang will definitely need an upgrade sooner than later.
I second the Chinese black box recommendation . I have two of the Mars Aqua on my 120. It seems most brands of the 165w LEDs are basically the same..

You should at least open your hood in the mean time.
Most marine tanks with lids have ph problems due to CO2 not be able to off gas and dropping ph..
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