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Apr 25, 2003
OK, I'm wondering the best way to do a water change on a large tank. Do you always have to mix the salt in buckets and leave them overnight or is there an easier way to do it without a sump? I think I may not do water changes but just regularly dose, its a FOWLR so what would I need to dose much of anything for healthy liverock growth?
when you say large tank what are you implying?

Like a 90 gal? Or a 45 gal?

This is what I do.

I have two 30 gal trashcans. 1 is for freshwater storage and the other is for saltwater mixing. I mix saltwater in batches of 20-25 gal. I have a heater and powerhead in the trashcan. I mix at laeast 1 day in advance but usualy i have saltwater made up.

The 'lazy' way is to get a large pump and hose and pump the water from the storage container into the tank once the dirty water has been removed. Else you just use 5 gal buckets and scoop out water from the trashcan and into the tank once the ditry water has been removed.

Doing a 10% water change biweekly is not going to take you more than 10-15min even on a 90 gal tank. Its two 5 gal buckets out and two 5 gal buckets in.
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