water cooled pumps

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Nov 22, 2008
Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia
My problem is this. I am living in tropical areas with ambient temperature between 24 to 33 C. Averaging 28-29. Now you put in 3 to 4 pumps in your SW setup and the temperature shot to 33 C ( keeping coral is out) even fish cant survive very long at this temp. Solution get a chiller (but what a paradox - you heat the tank then you cool it both using electricity!!). My question is why there are so many submersible pump in the market but I cant find the air cooled one. What is the life span of this pump as compare to submersible.( by the way i placed a 24 hr fan above the aquarium keeping the water temp at constant 28 C).What would the water temp be if all the pumps outside the tank? Anybody have done this experiment? Thanks.
There are many air cooled external pumps. Depending on your particular set up, you can have your sump (if you even have 1) drilled and hook up an external pump. They add no heat to the system.
Here's a pic of my sump (in the basement) with an external pump.

Thanks, my sump is in the cabinet underneath the aquarium. Not enough space for the pump. Maybe I need the sump outside the house (less messy) and plumbing all pipes from there.A single poweful pump do it consume more electricity than 2 pumps combination of similar wattage.
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