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junkfood john

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Apr 30, 2008
Duluth Mn.
Hi, I am planning to run water to my tank. I am looking for a water filter that will take the chlorine out of the water. I've been looking at some of these under sink units. All they say is that they reduce chlorine taste and odor. I really don't want to go with a RO/DI system. Can any one give me some advice? Thanks, John
What type of tank, SW or FW? If SW, it'd be better to go with RO/DI.

If fresh water, all you need is a good dechlorinator, like Prime.
The carbon will remove most if not all of the chlorine (our chlorine levels are around 4ppm), depending on the brand. I use one for my fills, and it removes most with a Rainbow cartridge, but I am told a GE cartridge will remove it all. It will also remove other things from the water, so they do have value, and they last a long time. I picked up 4 of the GE cannisters for $5 each at HD, a while back. i plan to add a second so that the mixed hot/cold water runs through the second one. At present, only the cold water runs through the carbon.
I am going FW and using it to fill my tank. I'm not sure what Prime is.This is a consumer report on water filters . Will any of these work for me? I can get more detailed info if needed. Thanks


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I used to use a Meridian automatic water changer when I had a FW tank. It works for chlorine but not chloramine. I'm not sure it's still on the market, but if you can find one it works great for water changes. It removes water as it adds aerated water right from the tap. Aerating water will remove the chlorine in it.
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